Maddie Lindsey is a designer, developer, writer, art director, and gigantic nerd based in Chicago, IL. People often say she has a good work ethic, a great sense of humor, and is more likely than anyone else in the office to turn her desk into a blanket fort.

When she’s not Making All The Things, she can be found sticking post-its on things, or elbow-deep in the kitchen whipping up elaborate dishes and then looking at the mess and absolutely regretting that choice, or perched on the couch with a book or a game.

She also really hates talking in the third person, so let's stop that nonsense right this minute.

I love talking to people and getting to know them, so you should definitely send me an email. Some conversation starters if you’re stuck:

  • What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve seen lately?
  • Favorite meme?
  • What is a salad?
  • You seem really great and I want to work with you so let’s talk about that?